Online Reservation System


We provide to our partners more simple and extremely efficient work flows. The reservation system is based on state of the art information technology which allows us to provide a variety of work flows.

This type of connection can be achieved between existing systems but shaped according to your specifications. The interface is built to comunicate between the partner site and our servers using data in XML format. The partner agency can personalize the way in which that that is received such as hotel details, destinations, availability, etc is shown.

This is a quick and simple startup method. To have your agency online our solution is White Label. The advantages of this type of integration are: partner's logo/brand, fast implementation and immediate benefits.

This method requires connecting using an username and a password to the platform to access the available services.

Regardless of product type or how you choose to work with us the reservations are placed online in realtime . provides online access and support 24/7.