Online Reservation System


General Information
1. After registering you will be provided with access to the booking site. Once your registration has been approved you will receive an user name and a password, and you will be able to perform reservations for your customers.
2. The beneficiaries of the reservations will be considered your customers. The services provided on the site (accomodation, transport, transfers, car-rental, tours and tickets for various events or attractions) are contracted by OmegaHotels from a 3rd party provider, therefor we are not to be held responsable for injuries, illness, direct or indirect loss, customer proprety loss, or additional costs outside the services contracted through us.
3. The rates showed on the site can modify according to the currency fluctuation or depending on availabilities, but this will not affect the prices of already confirmed bookings.
4. The bookings performed on our website will be considered your request to buy the respective product (accomodation, transfer, tour, car rental, etc.). They will be considered valid once you receive a written confirmation (via fax or email), or you receive a confirmation number for the specific reservation, but can be accepted or refused within 24 hours from when they have been performed, even if initially confirmed.
5. At the time of confirming the reservation, you agree to the reservation’s terms and conditions. It is your obligation to inform your customers about the reservation’s specific conditions as provided at the time of the booking.
6. For reservation with availability on request, acceptance of the specific booking conditions will become valid when the specific booking has been confirmed. The reservation’s voucher will become available once the reservation has been paid.
7. The hotel check-in or access at the contracted services are done based on the voucher. You need to hand over to your customer all the documents needed in order for him to be able to benefit from all the requested and aid services.
8. The information presented on our site rely on the information sent by the service providers. OmegaHotels has taken all the necessary actions in order to ensure the accuracy and the validity of the website content and of the existent information. However, the existent information can be ammended at any time without notice. The website content is published in good faith, but OmegaHotels cannot verify the accuracy of the entire information provided by the 3rd party providers.
9. All the information regarding a reservation will be specified in the reservation details, toghether with the final voucher, once it becomes available. Any other services, products requested at the time of reservation or on spot will be subject of a new payment.
10. Booking cancellation or amendment charges will be applied according to the time of the request, taking into account the date when the cancellation / amendment request has been made and the check-in date for each of the requested locations.
Each booking’s deadline is according to the cancellation conditions mentioned before performing the reservation. For bookings performed after the standard deadline, special conditions will apply. Up to this deadline, cancellation or amendments of the reservation will be allowed without any additional charges.
11. The terms and conditions, presented under this section, can be modified at any moment, ammendments being posted here. We will notify you regarding any ammendment brought to the policy of the reservation system. Continuing to use the system represent your approval and acceptance of any further changes.
12. OmegaHotels does not guarantee or offer express representation of the services or products commercialized through the software, these being the exclusive property of their respective owners or operators. We do not guarantee that our site will be operational without intermission and we will not be held responsible for any intermission, error or their consequences.
13. Except the claims regarding death or injury caused by our negligence, we are not to be held responsible in any way by the loss caused by loss of data or of use, loss of profile or anticipated benefices, nor by any loss resulted as inderect or secondary consequence caused by action or lack of action from our behalf, regardless if this loss could of been or has been forseen.
14. You will be held responsable and absolve OmegaHotels of any responsability, as well as it’s directors, operators, employees and representatives, for any possible complaints, requests, responsabilites, losses, law suits, payment agreement, representation, cost of losses, fines, expenses resulted because of a) violation of any of the terms or clauses, representation, guarantee or requirement of this agreement and / or b) negligence or misconduct of any of your representatives
15. This agreement cannot be passed to any other party without our explicit written agreement. These terms are appliable and constituted in the best interest of both parties. The fact that we cannot impose the absolute adherence to the clauses of this agreement, does not constitute the denial of the right to further impose certain clauses. You agree that we can, at any time, directly or indirectly, to signe similar agreements, based on coditions that might be different from those included in this section and that we can operate similar sites that can compete with your own.
16. These conditions complies with the Romanian legislation and it is based on it, the two parties accept and obey the exclusive authority of the Romanian courts, in order to solve any complaints or disputes resulted by these Terms, without taking note of the juridical disputes or by any other mandatory juridical clause.
By registering as user, you confirm that you have read these Terms and you agree to respect the terms and conditions and do not rely on any other representation, guarantee or declaration from us or from a 3rd party.